Mini Z
World’s first handheld Z Backscatter imaging system that highlights organic threats and contraband.
Rapiscan Eagle M45 Slide
Rapiscan Eagle Mobile
Mobile system that meets the requirements of traffic Equipped with all the systems and functions
The 920CT is designed to advance aviation cabin baggage screening into the future. It improves passenger experience while increasing their safety.
Connex is an extensive line of modular lounge seating with accompanying connecting tables.
Rapiscan 620XR 1
Rapiscan 620XR
Rapiscan Systems’ 620XR, X-ray screening solutions deliver increased detection capability, ease-of-use, reliable performance and uncompromising value.
Baggage handling systems
Baggage handling systems
Vanderlande Industries designs, builds and services leading baggage handling systems for airports of all sizes.


Reliable and practical up to date solutions meeting exact needs and requirements of today's airport.


Solutions providing best available systems for the protection of people and buildings.


State of the art technology ranging from X-ray and Gamma ray inspection systems to more advanced ones.

Arempa International is ISO 9001:2015 certified and UAE based international distributor and provider of various equipment, solutions and applications for industries and business interest that includes security, border control, aviation and transport.

Products and services provided by Arempa are not defense related or have military applications and are in full compliance with applicable US, EU, UK and other government and international regulations.

Our product range is a result of state of the art technology with practical solutions by established industrial leaders in their respective fields. We work closely with manufacturers and/or with approved dealers internationally in order to ensure that our solutions meet your exact requirements and these solutions technically are up-to-date and backed by manufactures after sales support and are also backed by our own extensive network of service centers and agents throughout the region of our operations that include CIS and Turkey (Not including Russia, Belarus & Ukraine).

Whilst positively differentiating itself in the market, Arempa International Limited is definite in its intention to develop and nurture a large & loyal customer base by offering its customers range of innovative and cutting-edge products to keep ahead of the competition while making a singularly significant impact.

To mention few of our partners who we work with are: Rapiscan Systems of US, Premier Deicers of US, SITA, Arconas Airport Seating Solutions of Canada, Bosserman Refuellers of US, Rudloe Aviation College of UK, Implant Sciences of US, Cobus Airport Buses of Germany, Vanderlande Airport Baggage Handling Systems of Netherlands, Dutch Airport Solutions of Netherlands, Ultra Electronics of France and so on.

Our commitment to customers goes beyond our products and services and combines pre sales advice, to ensure that our solutions meet all your project requirements.

Arempa International is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Member of Dun & Bradstreet Inc. since 20.07.2016

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