People Screening is an indispensable factor for the safe and secure environment whether at an airport, government establishments or a public building. It is very important that screening for weapons and explosives prior to secured areas require reliable, dependable and accurate people screening facility. We offer you a cost-effective metal, explosives and narcotic detectors from Rapiscan- an established leader in people screening.

Rapiscan Metor 6M

The Metor 6M is a multi-purpose multi-zone walk-through metal detector used primarily for weapon detection. Typical applications include passenger screening at airports and seaports, visitor screening at courthouses, federal buildings and prisons, access control in conferences, public buildings, sporting or other special events, stadiums and concerts, employee and visitor screening in power plants or factories, loss prevention in different industrial applications as well as screening in hotels, restaurants, casinos, and night clubs

Rapiscan Metor 6E

The Metor 6E applications include passenger screening at airports and other transportation terminals as well as visitor screening in public and private buildings such as ministries, embassies and courthouses.It uses a unique multi-channel technology combined with powerful processing capacity. This allows for fast collection of information from multiple metal items passing through simultaneously and accurate threat resolution based on the characteristics of the items.

Rapiscan Metor 6S

The Metor 6S High Sensitivity walk-through metal detector is designed specifically for detecting small ferrous and non-ferrous items, such as disposable prison razors, a piece of razor blade, metal shanks, handcuff keys, detonator caps, jewelry, coins, microprocessor and memory chips. When used in manufacturing and distribution facilities to protect small, valuable assets, the Metor 6S raises profitability by deterring employee theft.

Rapiscan Metor 6WP

The Metor 6WP is a versatile, state-of-the-art metal detector that combines advanced metal detection technology with an appealing, but practical design. The Metor 6WP is an excellent choice for temporary and permanent installations depending on your application.

Rapiscan Metor 28

Hand-held metal detectors are an integral part of the physical security screening process. With the Metor 28, Rapiscan has designed a unit that benefits security personnel as well as the person being scanned. The unique angled design allows you to thoroughly scan an individual, while keeping your hand away from their body.

Rapiscan Secure 1000 DP

The Rapiscan Secure 1000®DP (Dual Pose) is the most effective and most widely deployed image-based people screening solution. The Secure 1000 produces high resolution images that enable the operator to easily identify concealed threat and contraband items. The Rapiscan Secure 1000 is ideal for high security environments because both organic (e.g. solid and liquid explosives, narcotics, ceramic weapons) and inorganic (e.g. metal) materials are apparent in the image.

Rapiscan Secure 1000 SP

The Secure 1000 SP (Single Pose) combines unparalleled threat detection with optimized throughput. It uses backscatter technology as well as Rapiscan proprietary image processing software and an operator-friendly interface to rapidly and comprehensively screen passengers for a wide range of potential threats including liquids, contraband, ceramics, explosives, narcotics, concealed currency and weapons.

Rapiscan TSA PM704

The Rapiscan PM704 transportable personnel monitor is the solution for temporary radiation inspection applications. It is ideal for inspecting people gathered at events, such as sporting venues, political conferences or government functions. It also serves as a backup pedestrian monitor when additional inspection capacity is needed


The Rapiscan DETECTRA HX is a lightweight and ergonomically designed, low cost threat detection tool ideal for military, law enforcement, event, border and infrastructure protection personnel in their efforts to combat terrorism.

Rapiscan CounterBomber®

The CounterBomber® system combines radar and video technology to automatically detect concealed person-borne threats such as suicide vests and weapons, in real-time, at stand off distances.