Itemiser® 4DX

Rapiscan® Systems range of Tray Return Systems (TRS™) are designed to allow for increased throughput, reduction in staff tray handling and the ability to increase passenger focus amongst various other benefits at security checkpoints. We have solutions ideal for small gate security applications to larger tray return systems that are designed to cope with the needs and demands of the world’s busiest international airports.

Itemiser® DX

Simultaneously detects positive and negative ions using a single detector. Using a single detector and leveraging Rapiscan® Systems patented ITMS™ technology, Itemiser® DX simultaneously detects positive and negative ions. Itemiser® DX delivers fast explosives and narcotics detection in a package that is ergonomic and portable.

Itemiser® 3 Enhanced

Rapiscan® Systems flexible, lightweight desktop detector simultaneously analyzes both positive and negative ions, allowing for advanced explosive and narcotic contraband detection.
The Itemiser® 3 Enhanced is the first trace detector in the world to simultaneously detect positive and negative ions, enabling the detection of a broad range of explosives and narcotics. Detection of both positive and negative ions allows for effective identification from a single sample. It delivers fast, simultaneous explosives and narcotics detection in a package that is ergonomic and portable.


To help keep ahead of the growing challenges of explosives and narcotics detection, the MobileTrace® handheld packs the advanced capabilities of simultaneous dual-mode detection into a powerful, user-friendly trace detector.
MobileTrace®, the first simultaneous dual-mode detector, expands the range of target explosives that can be identified in a single sample for faster, more comprehensive security screening. Rapiscan® Systems patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry (ITMS™) technology offers the detection, sensitivity and reliability proven at military bases, border crossings, airports, and other critical security checkpoints around the world.

Hardened MobileTrace®

Hardened MobileTrace® is built around a core of field-proven explosives and narcotics detection technologies, and designed for the challenging environments in which you work.
Hardened MobileTrace® has been tested to military and government standards and has expanded capabilities for detecting chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs).

EntryScan® 4

A high-sensitivity, high-throughput system, the EntryScan® 4 portal can detect a broad range of explosives and narcotics in seconds.
Using patented technology, this compact, redesigned portal model, reduced in height for installations under 8 feet (2.44 meters), can identify even the most challenging substances by detecting and analyzing their microscopic traces. Engineered to dramatically reduce maintenance time, EntryScan® 4 features a quick-access panel that puts key system components within arm’s reach. Enhanced sample collection assures full-body screening, including the head and shoes. Automatic traffic control features such as a gated exit and audio/ visual walk signals. Easy Maintenance, Compact Size monitoring, and ease of operation make this portal a fundamental part of a customer’s checkpoint security solution.